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Hola! My Name is Virginia

My general philosophy is that everyone matters. With that in mind, I support you in living wholeheartedlyMy purpose is to have you live a life that reflects the most fully authentic and self expressed you..  I help millennial latinas heal their relationship with themselves so that they can live centered and with confidence. I strive in having authentic conversations around what truly matters most: Connection, Love, Service, Leadership, Community and tapping into the infinite potential of Who You Truly Are.

You are the star of the show.  

This is why my coaching company In Her Element was created. Combining raw and relatable stories, actionable advice, compelling research, and interactive exercises, I design custom coaching that empower women to be brave and take action.

   I host workshops + facilitate a safe space for coaching that engages women . Whether presenting on stage to hundreds or hosting a group coaching session in an intimate setting, together we'll create a space of curiosity, vulnerability, and transformation.



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To Host Workshops for Women to step up, use their voice and move into action


Panel discussions that cultivate courage and encourages women to do their bravest work

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Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 12.04.11

Group or individual coaching dedicated to women who are ready to heal themselves and manifest their dream life


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